Open book

I want to be an open book to the world around me, to my family first and foremost, as well as to those I call friends. But I am about to embark on the journey of writing a blog that causes me to be somewhat of an open book to the public, to those who read it out there .

I often demonize media as it has become such a distraction in my life. Yet I see blogging as a chance to openly express my beliefs, my thoughts, and conclusions I come to as something I want to pass on to the world. Writing it down can make you see the process of thoughts and things I have learned. So often I have been blessed by somebody’s experience recorded online. That makes me think, maybe someone will be blessed and encouraged by what I have learned and experienced to the point that it will change their perspective, inspire their day-to-day habits and, Oh, may even change their lives. This is the purpose of me starting this blog!


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